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Welcome to the website of Via Institute. We provide accredited training in coaching, mentoring and supervision. We specialize in implementing internal coaching and mentoring programs in organizations and building a coaching culture.

Our passion is to educate and develop those who want to develop themselves and others at the same time. Whether they are individuals who want to become professional coaches, managers and SCRUM masters who want to lead their teams in a coaching way, experienced professionals who want to pass on their knowledge as mentors, or experienced coaches who are looking for development for themselves and thus for their clients. We also educate leaders in psychology and communication. In the field of organizational consulting, we focus on working with unconscious patterns in teams and systems.


In the educational process, authenticity and experience from our own practice are very important to us.
And that’s why we teach what we do and we do what we teach.
No compromises.

We believe in the importance of quality education, especially in professions that work with people. We perceive coaching, mentoring and supervision as professions that have their own professional background, ethical and competency frameworks and we proudly adhere to them. We believe that a person grows and learns when three aspects of education are balanced – relevance, own experience and support in the process of change.

And a fourth, secret ingredient – the joy of learning smile. This is what we enjoy to do. To Collaborate with individuals, groups and organizations to help them reach their full potential and be more conscious in this world, in relationships, in their own decisions. Because we believe that this is where the impact of quality education reaches into these private, even intimate dimensions of our being.


We believe in what we do wholeheartedly. At Via Institute, we are all united by a common philosophy, approach to work, values and, above all, interpersonal tune-up.


People are our passion.

We are a group of passionate people with experience that we do not hesitate to share. Each member of our team brings a unique specialization, thanks to which we provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to their needs.

Silvia Gallová, MCC

Coach, Mentor, Supervisor, Learning Facilitator, Consultant

Silvia is an internationally recognized coaching expert and founder of Via Institute. As a coach, she is accredited at the Master (MCC) level by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and at the Senior Practitioner level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and Accredited Supervisor (EMCC). In addition to working with individual clients, she works as a team coach, supervisor, learning facilitator, mentor and consultant. She creates all the contents of educational programs at the Via Institute, is a co-author of mentoring training at Coachingplus and author and lecturer of a two-day training session Second Spiral in the partner organization of the Akademie Libchavy in the Czech Republic. For the third year, she works as a supervisor and evaluator of trainees of supervision training at Coachingplus.

Michaela Svrčková
Michaela Svrčková, PCC

Coach, Mentor, Learning Facilitator and Strategist

Michaela has dedicated the past fourteen years to building her professional career around empowering teams and individuals on their journey towards achieving their objectives. She has evolved from being a teacher to a facilitator, team leader, people manager, and now, a coach and mentor. Her unwavering motivation stems from witnessing the personal and professional growth of those around her.

Her work

Her work is inspired by various fields such as transactional analysis, mindfulness, growth mindset, non-violent communication, agility, design thinking, motivational interviewing, and organizational change management. She employs approaches, methods, and techniques that delve into the unconscious processes of her clients. As a coach, Michaela places great emphasis on the power of self-awareness. She understands that exploring the unconscious self is key to understanding one’s true desires and the resources needed to attain them. She views the relationship between herself and her coachees as a partnership built on mutual respect, valuing their unique perspectives and ways of thinking. Michaela sees her coachees as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole individuals, and she is committed to help them unlock their potential.


Education & experience

Michaela studied Translation and Interpretation in Madrid, where she also did her postgraduate studies in Management and International Trade. She holds a Diploma in Business Coaching, as well as certificates in Systemic Organizational Coaching, Agile Team Facilitation, Agile Coaching and PROSCI Change Management. She is currently applying for her ICF credential on a PCC level.

She works in Slovak, English and Spanish.


My philosophy

“I’m here to empower your growth through integrative services, drawing on a variety of approaches. Together, we’ll uncover self-awareness, cultivate empowering mindsets, and unlock your inner resources for tangible results in your personal and professional life. Expect meaningful transformation, increased self-confidence, enhanced goal-setting and decision-making skills, and a clearer path towards realizing your fullest potential.”

Radomira Gilarova
Radomíra Gilarová

Radka specialises in individual and team coaching, mentoring and supervision. She is accredited with EMCC Global and holds EIA at the Master Practitioner level for individual coaching and mentoring and ESIA for supervision. She also works as a consultant in the field of organisational development and cooperates with Investors in People International which offers accreditations to organizations based on the We Invest in People and We Invest in Wellbeing Standards.


She is currently focusing on the promotion of reflective practice and supervision in our region. She takes part in the international team which runs a research project “How do coaches and mentors view supervision and what impact does it have on their willingness to engage in the process?” She advocates for the professional standards of coaching, mentoring and supervision and is an active member of EMCC Czechia & Slovakia, where she currently serves as President.


Radka is involved in several projects within our company:

  • She participates in individual and team coaching projects. She has extensive experience in various types of organizations. She delivers all activities in Czech and English. In addition to her professionalism, clients appreciate her authenticity, creativity and positive attitude.
  • Together with Silvia she is a co-lecturer of the training “Mentors’ Development: Via Sapientis”. This accredited development programme for in-house mentors is based on the EMCC competence framework and enables participants to gain EIA accreditation at Foundation and Practitioner levels, strengthening their skills and enhancing their mentoring qualifications.
  • She is also partnering with Silvia in delivering the Diploma in Coach Supervision, which is implemented in cooperation with The International Centre for Business Coaching. This accredited training in supervision adopts psychodynamic approach and presents a demanding programme for experienced coaches who want to become supervisors, with the possibility of ESIA accreditation.
Karol Herian

Learning Facilitator, Team Development Facilitator

Karol studied computer science, which led him to consistent and systematic thinking. However, to focus his thinking on social and personal issues, he did his doctorate in philosophy. Karol taught at several universities, in Prague he was managing projects in Civic Forum Foundation, in Bratislava he was the editor of a cultural weekly. For two years he was traveling in the USA, wrote two novels and two plays. Karol led educational teams within non-formal education organizations and was a chair of a university department. He has been freelance since 2010 and works as a trainer, coach and facilitator. He works with individuals but above all with groups; with respect and passion he assists in the development of people, teams and organisations.

Two topics attract his professional attention.

First: human nature, personalities, and relationships, sources of motivation, prerequisites for cooperation, conditions for effective functioning and leadership of teams. Second: ways of effective learning, how to design, test and implement different educational formats, how to create strategies and tools to support people and apply them elegantly for different target groups.  

Education & experience

Karol has completed many trainings such as Training of Trainers, Motivational Interviewing, Coaching and lately he is helping to develop the global network of Community Building International facilitators. His clients include individuals, NGO organizations, small companies, but also a number of corporates established in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Frequent topics that Karol brings to his clients: Leadership; Team development; Individual and Team Coaching; Building learning organization; Facilitation of meetings; Motivation and Accountability; Conflict Resolution; Community Building, etc.
Pavol Pavlík
Head of Marketing, Branding & Strategy Coach

Pali uses his many years of experience in managing an advertising agency to support our activities at the Via Institute as head of marketing. He creates our brand, communication, campaigns, organizes events, helps us determine the strategic direction of the company and focuses our attention wherever we didn’t even know it needed to be focused smile In addition to active marketing work, he is also a full member of our team.


His work for Via Institute

Today, he lends these skills to the Via Institute and ensures all marketing event activities as well as events’ organization.
As a marketing strategy coach and consultant, he helps our clients navigate their business to improve their market position and brand recognition.



we value the following principles:

Care personally

We believe that people thrive when they feel cared for and supported. We create an environment of respect, empathy and understanding for our clients, allowing them to explore and overcome personal challenges.


Be passionate and curious

Our work fulfills us and we approach it with unflagging curiosity. We are constantly learning, reflecting on our experiences and developing our skills, which in turn allows us to better support our clients and their unique needs.


Be sustainable

It is important to us that all changes we work on with our clients are sustainable for them in the long term. We support a systemic approach to introducing changes and a focus on long-term solutions.


Be reliable

Reliability is the cornerstone of trust. That is why it is important for us to provide our clients with quality services and care they can rely on.


Be authentic

Personal authenticity is fundamental to our approach to everything we do. At the same time, we believe that if we support our clients in their own authenticity, we will help them to fully develop their abilities and feel more whole and secure in their professional or personal lives.


We do what we teach,
we teach what we do.


Diploma in Business Coaching

Our training is ICF Level 2 accredited and designed to give you the necessary skills and knowledge to become an effective coach.

Diploma in Business Coaching is a 175-hour training in psychodynamic coaching based on a psychological direction called transactional analysis, as well as models of systems thinking, reflective practice and creativity. These form a unique combination of our holistic and integrated approach to coaching.

Mentors’ Development: Via Sapientis

EMCC based competency training for those who want to develop their mentoring competences. We provide this training exclusively internally in organizations.

After completing the training, which has two levels, participants will be able to perform mentoring in such a way as to effectively develop the knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes of their mentees. Participants will also enrich their theoretical knowledge, develop communication skills and expand the methodology necessary for professional growth in mentoring.

Internal Coach Training

This 60-hour program is designed for anyone who uses coaching as part of their role or applies to be an internal coach in their organization. It is provided internally in organizations for groups of employees.

Participants in this program come from a variety of professional fields such as HR and L&D professionals, consultants, healthcare professionals, managers, agile coaches, and SCRUM Masters.


Collaboration with professionals



That’s why we focus on developing partnerships with organizations where our values resonate. We understand the importance of meeting professional and ethical standards and strive to ensure that our partnerships reflect this dedication.

We greatly value our partners and appreciate the opportunity to work with them towards enhancing our services and enhancing the wider professional community.




Individual Memberships


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