Gallová, MCC

Coach, Mentor, Supervisor, Learning Facilitator, Consultant

Silvia Gallová is an internationally recognized coaching expert and founder of Via Institute. As a coach, she is accredited at the Master (MCC) level by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and at the Senior Practitioner level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and Accredited Supervisor (EMCC)

In addition to working with individual clients, Silvia Gallová works as a team coach, supervisor, learning facilitator, mentor and consultant. She creates all the contents of educational programs at the Via Institute, is a co-author of mentoring training at Coachingplus and author and lecturer of a two-day training session Second Spiral in the partner organization of the Akademie Libchavy in the Czech Republic. For the third year, she works as a supervisor and evaluator of trainees of supervision training at Coachingplus.

Her approach integrates transactional analysis, mindfulness and elements from biodynamic (body-oriented) psychotherapy. When working with organizations, she uses her knowledge of organizational transactional analysis and focuses on recognizing unconscious patterns in organizations and teams and transforming them into new, more effective strategies.

Silvia Gallová is a recognized expert and speaker in the field of syndromes associated with low self-esteem (burn-out syndrome, imposter syndrome, etc.), authentic leadership and psychological safety in teams and relationships. Her mission is also to raise awareness about a rare neurological disease called myasthenia gravis.

In her individual practice, she works with a wide range of clients. When asked if she is more of a business or life coach, she tends to answer that she does not think like this when working with individuals. She works with clients on their topics, which tend to cover the whole spectrum of topics from strictly business areas, through relational to deeply private topics.

In organizations, she specializes primarily in the implementation of coaching and mentoring programs in organizations and in working with unconscious patterns in systems. Her trainings and lectures in companies are focused on the development of coaching, communication and leadership skills.

She also focuses on coaching professional relationships in the workplace, which is used by clients especially in cases where key employees find themselves in a conflict situation that threatens the performance and stability of the team or organization.


Education & experience

Silvia Gallová is ICF certified coach on Master level, with more than 3 000 hours of coaching experience and 300+ hours of coaching-specific education and 450+ hours of training in Transactional Analysis.

As a registered coach-mentor and coach supervisor, she helps other coaches to improve their coaching performance. She holds master’s degree in journalism, Diploma in International Law & International Relations, Diploma in Business Coaching, Diploma in Coaching Supervision, Diploma in Team Coaching and a certification in Integrative Coaching. She is certified trainer and facilitator. She is also trained in the fields of Transactional Analysis, Non-Violent Communication, Motivational Interviewing, Agile Leadership, Community Building and Trauma Psychotherapy (biodynamic approach).

She is active in professional coaching organizations. Silvia Gallová is a Council Member of European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Czechia & Slovakia responsible for the area of quality standards and ethics. Within Slovak Association of Coaching (SAKO), she is a member of Accreditation and Certification Committee. Within International Coach Federation Slovak Chapter she is a member of Senior Advisory Group.

She works in Slovak and English language, across Europe.


My Philosophy

My mother taught me that on every occasion, people do the best they can in the certain moment. And that they have good reasons why they behave the way they behave.

I guess it was these two messages I received soon in my childhood that evoked my interest in the psychodynamic work. I believe that understanding of our unconscious patterns brings more clarity to our decisions and letting unhelpful patterns go invites more autonomy to our lives.

My approach is rooted in theory of Transactional Analysis and its key philosophy:

  • I see every human being as “being OK” and I work with my clients from I am OK – You are OK position.
  • I believe my clients has their own capacity to think and a huge potential and my role is to help my clients to connect with these capacities and not to be in their way to reach them.
  • I believe that each of us has unconsciously, very long ago, created a script about how our life is going to look like and that this script can be re-designed in the adulthood to enable us to live more autonomous and conscious life, engage fully in our relationships and enjoy ourselves having more freedom in our choices.

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