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We specialize in internal coaching and mentoring and creating a coaching culture in organizations. We offer a complete training package for internal coaches/mentors, skills improvement workshops and an implementation package to support the coaching culture in the organization. We also teach coaching skills to managers and team leaders to support the implementation of a coaching culture at all levels of the organization. In addition, we offer individual coaching for employees and managers and development solutions for teams.

Programs for internal coaches and mentors

Based on our many years of work in organizations on the implementation of internal coaching and mentoring programs, we have created comprehensive program packages that help implement these approaches into the corporate organization, as well as help create a learning organization.

In this context, our work in organizations is of a consultative and educational nature. A typical process looks like this:

  • Mapping and understanding the needs of the organization,
  • Design of educational activity from our portfolio, resp. creation of a tailor-made program
  • Implementation of education
  • Ongoing implementation of consultations to implement coaching/mentoring in the corporate culture
  • Supervision of the program after completion of the educational process
  • Supervision of participants in the educational program
  • Support for professional accreditation of graduates




Internal Coach


This program is designed for professionals applying for an internal coaching role in their organization, regardless of their coaching experience.

Our students come from a variety of fields such as HR and L&D experts, consultants, healthcare professionals, managers, agile coaches and SCRUM Masters.

More about the program here


Mentors’ Development: Via Sapientis


This in-house training was developed in cooperation with Radka Gilarová and was a response to the increasing demand for professional and accredited education of internal mentors.

The training is in the process of EMCC accreditation and consists of two levels – Foundation and Practitioner and is intended for those who have decided to pass on their knowledge and experience to colleagues in their organizations as mentors, or as mentors within various cross-company cooperations, hubs or accelerators.

More about the program here

In addition to basic internal trainings for coaches and mentors, we also offer post-secondary education on various topics.
Among the most sought after are:

  • Team coaching
  • Working with a client/team in resistance
  • Advanced techniques for coaches/mentors
  • Group mentoring for internal coaches
  • Group supervision for internal coaches/mentors

If you are interested in our approach to internal coaching and mentoring, please contact us. We are ready to provide you with tailor-made solutions.


Coaching as a company culture

We specialize in the field of internal coaching and creating a coaching culture in the organizations.


According to global projections of how coaching will develop in organizations, we can say that organizations will prefer internal coaching and therefore investment in internal resources. This is understandable, because by investing in internal coaching skills, companies also indirectly support the increase of communication skills in the organization itself, as coaching skills are transferable to many other contexts in both work and private life.

However, internal coaching can run into certain limits. We help organizations understand the limits of internal coaching. In addition, we help them develop procedures for purchasing external coaching services, as well as procedures for distributing and communicating these services in oranization. We also consult the entire program management to implement the coaching culture.

Our traditional support for implementing a coaching corporate culture includes a complete training package for internal coaches, upskilling workshops for internal coaches, and an implementation consulting package to promote a coaching culture in the organization. We also teach coaching skills to managers and team leaders to support the implementation of a coaching culture at all levels of the organization.

We also provide supervision for internal coaches. It is a reflective process that aims to give coaches the support, advice and feedback they need to improve their skills and increase their effectiveness as internal coaches.

If you are interested in learning more about our portfolio of coaching/mentoring programs, please contact us.


Facilitation of strategic workshops

If there is one thing that connects our passion for group work, visual approach and coaching, it is the facilitation of strategic workshops. Combining approaches from design thinking, agility, creative techniques and team coaching, our unique approach to strategy creation was created. Here are some of the examples of areas where we helped create them:

Business and product strategy

Sometimes it is a challenge to combine several functions of an organization into one common strategy so that everyone pulls together. Reconciling marketing, sales, product and legal departments may sound like a challenge at first, but not if the right balance of reflective and strategic techniques is used.

Strategy of the organization’s finance department

Financial departments tend to be a somewhat separate entity within organizations, and despite being an integral and key part of it, they face challenges that are typical only for “finance”. Since we have worked as facilitators and coaches in the “finance” departments for a long time, we have extensive experience with strategies for financial departments.

Education, L&D strategy

We live and breathe for education, we have our own internal experience in L&D teams, so creating strategies for this segment of organizations is more than a personal pleasure for us. If interested, we will be happy to provide our clients with our consultations as a preparation for their creative process.

Communication campaign

Since our team has brought together experts in both facilitation and marketing strategies, our focus on diverse talent is a natural result of the diverse talent in our team. We help build a brand or personal brand, create products, create communication strategies and campaigns.

Strategies alignement across departements or regions

In addition to team facilitation, we also deal with the facilitation of large groups (50 or more participants), for example in integrating regional requirements with a global strategy.


Team development team and coaching

Our team development services aim to help teams operate more cohesively and efficiently. We believe that a well-functioning team can do much more than a group of individuals working alone. Our approach to team development helps teams build trust and communication, improve collaboration and decision-making, and improve overall performance.

Our team development activities are tailored to the unique needs of each team. We start by assessing team dynamics and development needs of the team, as well as identifying any weaknesses or problems. Based on this analytical part, we will develop a tailor-made programme that focuses on strengthening these areas. We usually combine team development activities and add team coaching in the later stages.

Our team development programs use a combination of interactive workshops, team-building activities and coaching sessions to help teams grow and develop.

The “traditional team” supporting our development activities for teams is Silvia and Karol. Karol is an expert in group and  outdoor activities and together they can hold a safe reflective space to integrate the experience and deal with potential conflicts, whether within a team or internally in individuals.


Individual Coaching

Coaching is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their personal or professional life.

We take a psychodynamic approach to coaching, which means that in addition to the typical goal orientation for coaching, we also invite clients to explore unconscious patterns that influence their behavior.

We coach executives, managers as well as ordinary employees to help them succeed in situations from their daily lives. The topics include, among other things, transition to a new higher position, coping with difficult conversations, understanding oneself or others, managing stress, managing one’s own emotions, accompanying the process of change, psychological safety in the team or engagement of team members.

If you are interested in coaching for your employees, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will develop a tailor-made offer, which, in addition to coaching packages, may also include other development interventions, according to the needs of your employees.

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