Diploma in Business Coaching



Training in psychodynamic coaching

This program is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become an effective psychodynamic coach, which, in addition to focusing on the client’s goal, helps him uncover and reframe unconscious patterns and beliefs. Our training is based on theories of transactional analysis, systems thinking, reflective practice and creativity, which make up our holistic and integrated approach to coaching.

The program is led by experienced coaches and lecturers who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of coaching. In training, you will learn the basics of coaching theory, techniques and practice. You will develop an understanding of basic models of Transactional Analysis and psychodynamic coaching and how these concepts can be applied in the context of coaching.

Our training is highly interactive and participatory and we emphasize experiential learning. More than explaining theories, we focus on their application in coaching practice. Our training is not based on coaching techniques. We teach students to understand the psychological processes in the coach and in his client, so that based on this understanding, the coach himself can create such interventions and use such techniques that are most useful for the client at the given moment.

We support you in creating your own coaching identity. The heart of our training is that from the very first moment we invite you to reflect on who you are as a coach, who you are becoming, what influences your work. In addition to acquiring expert skills in coaching and transactional analysis, you will also take away your own coaching framework that represents your unique identity in the world of coaching.

The Diploma in Business Coaching program was originally developed by D-Prof. Sandra Wilson, MCC, TSTA-O in Scotland. Via Institute received ownership of the program in 2022 and gratefully continues to deliver the program in the standards and quality that have been associated with the program since its inception.



  • 175 hours of a coach-specific education
  • 9 x 2-days module, delivered monthly
  • 10 mentoring sessions included in the programme
  • Study materials, including video library for self-paced study (access to the Via Library)
  • Individual approach and support to every student
  • Supervision  after finishing the programme
  • Possibility to take the final exam at ACC/PCC level

Programme tutors

Silvia Gallová, MCC
Michaela Svrčková
Michaela Svrčková

For more information about the programme, feel free to get in touch with us by e-mail.

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